Our Story


Our foundation was founded by a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who was looking for a way to continue to serve, and a dedicated Mental Health Professional who saw the challenges being faced in her own community. They have spent years volunteering with and donating to local charities to help make an impact. Floki’s Foundation was founded as a way to amplify the positive impact they make throughout the local community.

The Genesis




  1. the origin or mode of formation of something.

The creation of Floki’s Foundation coincided with the arrival of our latest rescue dog, Floki. During the process of figuring out a name, he began to symbolize a lot of what resonated with us for this foundation. The idea that how your story starts does not have to define how it ends. He came from a pretty rough background but you would never know it. Every day he wakes up as though to say, “You’re still here! I’m still here! This is the best day of my life!” as he smushes our faces with kisses. He is a constant reminder of the power of gratitude. Life has handed all of us some curveballs, but we are incredibly fortunate and grateful to be where we are today. In addition, he represents one of our goals in creating the foundation; the ability to provide hope and help create change for others. We plan to accomplish this through support of organizations whose mission and philosophy align with ours.

Floki: The name comes from Viking mythology. Floki is a boat builder and incorrigible trickster, who also happens to be Ragnar Lothbrok's eccentric and closest friend. It also happens to be the name of our dog, who is also featured in our logo!


Taking Action

One of our founders is a Marine. If you know anything about the Marines, you know we are all about taking action. That’s why we founded Floki’s Foundation. We wanted to take action to make a direct impact in our local community. We are passionate about veterans, animals, and our community. While those are our passions, we are dedicated to making a positive impact wherever we can. After working with a number of small, local non-profits, we realized that a huge challenge for local non-profits is outreach & support, and that’s where we decided we could make an impact.

Making a Difference

We make a difference by helping local charities raise awareness, and gather support (financial and otherwise).


Continuing Mission

Supporting our local community is our way of continuing our mission to serve. Along the way we are able to help others, make some great friends, and have some fun.


We are committed to local impact. We value and respect the amazing work done by large national charities, but we also recognize that no one can help a local community as effectively as an organization that has “boots on the ground” in the community they serve.